Fruit characteristics

Top 6 health benefits of canned fruit and vegetables

Nutritionally comparable with fresh

For most produce, the canned variety is nutritionally comparable with fresh – there’s undoubtedly little difference in the macronutrients, which include protein, carbohydrates, and fats.

Vitamins and minerals

In terms of vitamins and minerals, there may be slight variances. Canned fruit and vegetables contain good levels of these nutrients and contribute to a balanced diet.

Safe and free from pathogens

Canning improves fresh produce’s safety, especially those likely to harbor pathogens. This is because the canning process uses high levels of heat to prevent the growth of the micro-organisms that may cause food poisoning.

Makes a cost-effective contribution to your five-a-day

Affordability is an important factor in making fruit and vegetables accessible. Studies suggest that canned fruit and vegetables offer an affordable and nutritious option for meeting daily fruit and vegetable recommendations.

Quick and convenient

Canned fruit and vegetables have a longer shelf life, are ready to eat with little or no preparation, and are easy to incorporate into meals.


Once canned, the produce remains stable thanks to the lack of oxygen – this means there is little change to either the nutritional value or food quality.


Carefully picked

Fruits are carefully selected and cleaned before production.


Freshly squeezed

Products are always updated according to the season.


Securely packed

Products are safely boxed on the production line.


Vitamins and minerals

Canned fruit and vegetables contain good levels of nutrients.